Nov 212016

Crazy Book of Colourful Cartoon Chaos.

Available to buy on Lulu.comcrazy-book-of-colourful-cartoon-chaos-cover-by-sam-backhouse

Nov 152014

The Big Book of L’il Shrimp

The Big Book of L'il Shrimp Cover by Sam Backhouse

Oct 122014

Many Moods of L’il Shrimp Comic Strip

Many Moods of L'il Shrimp Cartoon by Sam Backhouse


Sep 012014

Jellyvision Spoof Advert

Spoof Advert Jellyvision

Aug 312014

Supermarket Man Comic Strip

Supermarket Man Cartoon by Sam Backhouse


Aug 292014

Mister Mad Eats a Jar of Marmite Comic Strip

Mister Mad Eats Marmite by Sam Backhouse

May 072014

Spoof Advert¬†One Colour Rubik’s Cubes

One Colour Rubik's Cubes Spoof Advert Sam Backhouse Image

May 072014

Spoof Advert Vampire Hotline

Vampire Hotline Spoof Advert Sam Backhouse Image

May 062014

Homework Cartoon From Comic Strip Hell

Homework From Comic Strip Hell by Sam Backhouse Image

May 062014

Mister Mad Drowns Himself

Mister Mad Drowns Himself by Sam Backhouse Image