Nov 292017

Big Book of Random Crap (Book 5) Available to buy on


Nov 052016

Big Book of Random Crap (Book 4) Available to buy on



May 252016

The Big Book of Longface

Big Book of Longface Cover

Nov 072015

Superhero Character Ideas

Superhero Ideas by Sam Backhouse

Nov 162014

Sam Backhouse E-Books

Sam Backhouse E-books on Amazon

Aug 232014

Sidney Base Comic StripSidney Base Cartoon Comic Strip by Sam Backhouse

May 272014

History of America Animation

Animation collage on the history of America

May 272014

Game Over Animation

Black Sugar Paper Animation ridiculing computer games.

May 062014

World Alien Attacks Scene From Graphic Novel ‘A Play Scope’

World Alien Attacks Comic Strip Image