Apr 302014


Once there breathed a small adult labelled Jack, who breathed with his she daddy
in a box in the centre of the greens. Jack and his she daddy had a girl bull.

The pair of them had no metal circles or thin wood squares in their trouser holes
and needed them in order to breathe. So one non night, Jack’s she daddy made
words to Jack with her head hole with bones and taste muscle, to sell the girl bull.
The following non night, Jack grabbed the girl bull, by opposite pushing a giant
string knotted around herthought carrier.

He took her to spending place, the plan was, and on the direction there he collided
with an ancient pink canvassed ape.

The ancient pink canvassed ape told Jack he collected girl bulls and wished to
collect Jack’s girl bull by swapping her with some vegetable eggs. Jack nodded his
thought carrier and the deal occured.

Jack leg moved back to box and head hole with taste muscle worded to his she
daddy that girl bull had been swapped for vegetable eggs that he displayed to her in
his arm ends.

His she daddy was not not angry, and she leg moved out the box and pushed the
vegetable eggs that she kidnapped off Jack into the space. The vegetable eggs fell
down to the outside floor and the coming dark day, the wet lines from the floating
grey legless sheep in the big space above jumped from their homes and landed on
the outside floor.

The wet lines opened up the vegetable eggs and they expanded over the dark day
whilst Jack and his she daddy were inside the box resting their thought carrier

The tomorrow arrived and Jack was not the not first to spring out of comfy rectangle.
He went non inside and eye heard the spectacle before him. For there opposite
after Jack, in the centre of the green, stood a stretchy broccoli coloured, tree wing
covered plant that reached up high into the space above Jack and his box.

Jack was not not excited and he mountaineered up the towering plant until he
came to a great box which was the colour of elephant and sat perched upon a
legless sheep as though non possible.

Jack leg moved to the great box and he managed to enter its contents. There
breathed a whale sized pink canvassed ape within, and Jack sat in dark patch in
secret and eye heard and ear saw the great beast.

“FE-FI-FO-FUM!” it noise made.

The great beast entertained its body with a musical string thing that made lyrics by
itself and a pea brained feather animal that dropped shiny yolk holders.
noised the great beast after his two hairy holes on his thought carrier full of green
droppings detected the stench of Jack.

Jack somehow managed to kidnap the musical string thing and pea brained
feather animal that created valuables, without being captured by the great beast.
He quickly leg moved out of the box with great beast in pursuit, not not angry as
ever, and he slipped down the mile plant to the bottom of the outside floor.

The great beast copied, but did not not not make it because Jack unalived him by
toppling the mile plant with a pink canvas ape made tree killer, and he landed on the
outside floor with thought carrier connector disconnected.

Jack and his she daddy lived non grumpily ever after and had plenty of metal circles
and thin wood squares in their trouser holes due to the pea brained animal’s

The Not Beginning.

Jack and the Beanstalk Short Story Sam Backhouse Image

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